Annual General Meeting Notice

Annual General Meeting Notice

The Saskatchewan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Inc.

Notice pursuant to s.125 of The Non-Profit Corporations Act, 1995 is hereby given that the annual general meeting of the members of the SASKATCHEWAN BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU FEDERATION INC.

To: Saskatchewan Brazilian Jiu JItsu Federation Inc. Members
From: Alan Bigelow (Secretary)
Re: Annual General Meeting
Date: February 28th, 2016
Time: 10:00 am – Until adjourned
Location: Travel Lodge, 3551 2nd Avenue West, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


1. Receiving and considering the annual report and financial statements for the 2015 year;
a. Dispensing with an auditor/reviewer;

2. Reviewing and considering the tournament sanctioning fees and honorariums implemented over the past year and any amendments;

3. Sasksport Emerging Sport Criteria (SESC)
a. 3 year Plan required to meet SESC

4. Electing directors (the position of secretary is open for election, acting secretary Alan Bigelow has resigned – All members are eligible for nomination);

5. Approving the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures as amended; and,

6. Any other business requiring a vote of the membership tendered to the Secretary on not less than 15 days’ notice.

All members are free to attend and take part in discussions; however only regular (‘club’) members are entitled to vote on any resolutions.

On behalf of the Directors;

Alan Bigelow
SaskBJJ Secretary

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