President’s Message


On the Right, Daryl Sveinson

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been a passion of mine since I began to practice the sport in 1998.  Over the past 17 years I have committed countless hours to technique and development, trained with some great athletes and competed at the national and international level.

In 2013,  I was awarded my black belt which is the ultimate goal in any martial arts career but in many ways the journey has just begun.  As the first president of the Saskatchewan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu association I hope to build and promote the sport.

Formalize tournament and club standards so there is a safe and fair playing field and ensure that all members are properly insured to train and be trained by knowledgeable and qualified instructors.

These standards will benefit everyone participating Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and help to legitimize this great sport in the province of Saskatchewan.


Daryl Sveinson